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Academic Support

Academic support at St. 劳伦斯注重全面的教育体验,可以在校园的每个空间找到. 我们的目标是让你的本科之旅更有力量,让你为面对校园内外的世界做好准备.

Academic Advising Programs and Services

The office of Academic Advising, located in the Fox Center for Academic Opportunity, 作为活动和机会的连接中心,可以帮助你的学术和个人成长.

Visit us for support and guidance on: 

  • Academic planning and strategizing
  • Time management
  • Study skills
  • Reading and test-taking strategies
  • 管理和克服学业上的挑战,包括留校察看

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Transitioning to college brings unique joys and challenges. 我们的第一年计划(FYP)帮助您通过辅助目标设定导航的变化, personalized advising, 以及其他帮助你取得学业和个人成功的资源.

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Our Sophomore Success Initiative includes sophomore year seminars, a network of faculty and alumni mentors, 以及动态事件,旨在将你与你需要利用的服务联系起来,当你做决定时,比如选择专业。. 目标:帮助你探索学术和专业兴趣, build your professional network, and create a bold, visionary plan for your future.

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我们的学生无障碍服务团队将尽一切努力支持您朝着成功和实现目标的方向努力. 他们为有学习差异和/或医疗条件的学生提供广泛的支持服务和住宿.

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The Arthur O. Eve高等教育机会计划(HEOP)是圣. Lawrence University and the New York State Education Department, 旨在寻找和支持那些有能力和动力成为成功的大学生,但其考试成绩和/或高中成绩不符合常规录取标准,并且来自非常低收入家庭的学生.

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大学科学技术入门计划(CSTEP)的目的是增加历史上代表性不足和经济上处于不利地位的本科生和研究生的数量,他们完成了专业前或专业教育课程的学习,从而获得专业执照和数学职业, science, technology, and health-related fields.

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St. BG真人游戏官方网站是200所提供罗纳德E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program, 通过让来自代表性不足的群体的学生参与多种研究密集型经验,并由教师导师提供广泛的建议,鼓励他们攻读博士学位. 学生的研究工作获得助学金资助,并有机会访问研究生院和参加专业会议, as well as monetary assistance in support of program goals.

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在你需要帮助的课堂上,你可以请求一个免费的同伴导师. 大多数入门课程和许多受欢迎的中级课程都有辅导.

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Chart Your Path to Academic Success

从帮助你在校园建立导师网络到创造一个全面的学术体验,让你追求自己的兴趣, Academic Advising is here to help you achieve your goals. We don’t just tell you what you can do with your four years here. 我们会帮你制定一个计划,让你达到我们知道你有能力做到的一切.






faculty mentors students can choose from


  • WORD Studio
  • Peterson Quantitative Resource Center (PQRC)
  • Language Resource Center
  • Newell Center for Arts Technology
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

A statistics professor, wearing glasses and a dark grey henley t-shirt, 站在他的班级前面,指着白板上的计算.

Most Accessible Faculty

Princeton Review, 2023


全美“克服二年级低潮的最佳大学”(Great Value Colleges, 2021)






Of students pursue more than one major




Off-campus study programs available in 20+ countries


Of students complete an internship by the time they graduate


Outcomes Rate


1 in 5



conduct original research before they graduate

Three students hold white Alpha, Alpha, 阿尔法荣誉社会证书,以表彰他们的高平均成绩作为第一代BG真人游戏注册, and smile alongside Tsewang Lama.

First-Generation Resources

Nearly 20 percent of St. 劳伦斯的学生是第一代大学生(他们是家里第一个上大学的学生). 我们的第一代倡议和三阿尔法荣誉协会的发展是为了支持和庆祝这群BG真人游戏注册.

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Advising Toolkit

An invaluable resource for you and your academic advisors, 咨询工具包为您提供有关毕业学业要求的任何问题的快速答案, academic policies on a range of issues, 以及在咨询关系中出现的其他常见问题的解决方法. 我们努力为您提供知识,使您能够追求最有意义的成长机会.

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A Saint Lawrence University student, wearing a blue shirt, sits with a peer tutor at a table in the Word Studio. They are looking at a laptop.

WORD Studio

In our intentionally inclusive space, tutors in the W.O.R.D Studio支持您的书面和口头交流,研究和设计项目. Your classmates are trained to help with whatever you needs.

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Jessica Chapman, wearing a green shirt, 站在一张桌子旁边,和三位圣BG真人游戏官方网站的学生交谈. 后台有一个布告栏,上面有彼得森定量资源中心的信息.

Peterson Quantitative Resource Center

Encouraging and developing quantitative reasoning, skills, and applications, PQRC为所有专业的学生提供上门辅导. You can gain help (or help others!) preparing for a quiz or exam, analyzing data, calculating and interpreting statistics, using quantitative software, designing an experiment, or anything else that would support your academic success.

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The Language Lab

我们的语言实验室提供最先进的视频会议和录音空间,增强您与全球社区的联系. You’ll also have access to foreign language films, dictionaries, music, software, games, and world maps.

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