部分学术和部分住宿, your 一年级的计划 (FYP) is a built-in web of support from the moment you step on campus and through your entire first year.


As one of the oldest living/learning programs for first-year students in the country, 五年计划旨在加强口语, 写作, and research skills you’ll need to find academic success in college while providing support as you begin exploring your interests beyond the classroom.

Three students contemplate a piece of art in a gallery.


The FYP is where faculty and staff from across campus come together to support your transition to college life as you carve out your place at St. 劳伦斯. 来自给你上课的老师, 寄给宿舍的社区助理, 给教练, 职业顾问, 图书馆员, 和更多的, the FYP is a true network of support with your academic and co-curricular potential at its center. 


在你的第一学期, you will live alongside classmates in your 一年级的计划, making it much easier to collaborate and learn together as you embark on your FYP, an 跨学科, 经常team-taught, course that focuses on a topic of broad interest and is one of the four courses that first-year students take in the fall.  

A group of students sit cross-legged on the grass while working on a painting project.


你在圣. 劳伦斯将包括一个第一年的研讨会, which is often a smaller class size and brings you together with a different group of students, 可能很多来自你的五年计划之外.  First-Year Seminars (FYS) strive to continue the communication skills, 批判性思维, 伦理反思, and liberal learning goals of the FYP courses but with a specific focus on critical inquiry and research. Each of you will engage in an in-depth research project over the course of the semester. 


你的第一年是发现你的圣. 劳伦斯 experience can be, and the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few of the resources that will help you along the way.

We know that you’ll bring a solid foundation of 写作 and communication skills with you when you arrive at St. 劳伦斯. Our goal is to hone and strengthen them to prepare you for the expectations of your majors or minors, 无论你选择追求什么. Assignments in the FYP are designed to build your confidence conducting research, 形成论点, 用书面形式表达你的想法, and delivering an oral presentation at the collegiate level. 

The work you do in the classroom will help to build bonds in your residence hall and beyond. You and your classmates all chose to take the same course, 也就是说你们已经有共同的兴趣爱好了. You’ll explore that interest (and learn more about one another in the process) as you collaborate on projects, 互相问一些关于作业的问题, 一起参加阅读或讨论, or simply grab lunch after class ends every Monday and Wednesday afternoon.  

As your FYP instructors will get to know you as a student and as a person throughout your first semester, they’ll help you begin to map out a path for your time at St. 劳伦斯. Whether you already have an idea of what you’d like to study or aren’t sure yet, they’ll help you choose classes that help you explore possibilities and align with your interests.

They’ll also show you how you can incorporate opportunities like off-campus study, 职业生涯辅导, or research into your academic and co-curricular journey. They invest in your holistic experience as a student at St. 劳伦斯.

What some call “Resident Assistants” we call “社区助理.” CAs live in your residence hall and help to foster a community among your FYP through intermittent activities or simply by being there to answer questions about campus life.

With plenty of innovative and imaginative program offerings available, you’re bound to find something that sparks your curiosity and makes you excited to dive into your academic experience at St. 劳伦斯. Some involve 以社区为基础的学习 components or opportunities for short off-campus trips, 其中一个甚至发生在伦敦. 

基于社区的学习(CBL. 劳伦斯 gives you the chance to combine civic engagement with coursework, 批判性思维, and reflection in a reciprocal relationship that benefits you, 我们的社区伙伴, 还有我们的教授. Several 一年级的计划s and Seminars have a CBL component.



年St. 劳伦斯著名的第一年项目成立了


  • 非洲神话与现实 
  • Beyond 娱乐: Environmental Stewardship for the Outdoor Enthusiast
  • Rebels, Hipsters, and Visionaries: The Beat Generation and Beyond
  • 身份和归属感在St. 劳伦斯谷
  • Markets and Morality: The Ethical and Philosophical Dimensions of Business and Economics
  • 解开量子计算的纠缠


  • 受教育意味着什么? 
  • “Ain’t Nuthing to F’ Wit”: Global Hip Hop and Social Change
  • 压力神经科学
  • 畅所欲言:修辞学与公众演讲 
  • 好地方 和美好的生活
  • 隐性偏见心理学

A Saint 劳伦斯 student works on an art project with a child at the children's museum.


Some 一年级的计划s and Seminars involve a 以社区为基础的学习 component, giving you the opportunity to engage with our North Country neighbors, 体验地域文化, 并在当地背景下调查全球问题.



Every year, the 一年级的计划s compete against one another for the 杯子碎“五年规划. 开始你最初的校园生活, 活动包括草地游戏, 琐事, 横幅设计比赛, 还有一场歌曲比赛.



在伦敦度过你的第一个学期, where you’ll live in a flat with your FYP classmates and use the vibrant, 国际城市是你的教室.



You will have the opportunity to present your research and findings during your first year at St. 劳伦斯. 每年春天,大学都会举办节日活动, a Friday without classes where the campus community comes together to celebrate students’ academic successes. First-year students present their FYS research projects during the FYS 研究交流.